Lunes, Pebrero 13, 2012

prOblems in eduCation in the Philippines..


                  According  to the IBON facts and figures, the literacy in the Philippines has regressed a lot over the last 10 years. This is attributed to the dwindling quality, relevance and accessibility of education - the very big rights of the Philippines youth as etched vividly in the constitution. Despite the good things the DepEd has reported such as the increased of classrooms and students, the fact remain with the crowding 1:70 classrooms ratio, the decreasing applitude of the students and the classrooms of the values of the young among on others.

1. Quality of Education
2. Affordability of Education
3. Government Budget for Education
4. Education Mismatch
5. Teacher's Salary Increase

Topic: Education
Problem: Learnings of the students
Education is very important to us Filipino who value this only treasure we can never give to anyone, that money cannot buy. But the problem is the lack of facilities, like classrooms, tables, chairs, books, school supplies and even teachers. This causes lack of budget of the government to give the needs of the students who are less fortunate, the people who cannot afford to buy the need of their children, lack of people who are concern in Filipino education, lack of teachers to teach the students very well, lack of classrooms that are most needed of the students so they can concentrate and focus to their studies, lack of books and other facilities for the students, thay cannot be able to reach their dreams in these situations, they will be tried in going to school because of these problems. So, lets help them in their need and help them reach their dreams.


I can suggest to this problem are that the government must have more time in concern of the education of many Filipinos, add many classrooms to schools that are lack of classrooms so that the children had something to use, they must buy many facilities for every school that cannot afford buying the need of their students, hired many graduate teachers to the schools that has less teachers, and most and foremost, the government must lend a big budget to the education of many Filipinos.

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